Shadow on the wall; what are you?

Whatever I am, seem you are too,

Wherever I go,

Shadow me, you know.


Shadow by my side,

Do what I do and much obliged.

Walk with me, stay by me,

My confidant, best company.


Shadow me behind,

Be my guide, for all time,

Silhouette me, skinny and tall, slanting,

Floating by me, like a haunting.


Shadow me, shadow afore,

Doing as I do and much more,

Like lightening speed you shot across walls

Up and out long and tall,

And on the ground,

Shadowing me; as I move around.


Shadow me, hovering a top,

This is it, the last lap,

The final journey,

Shadow me now? I’m stationary.


Shadowing me not, now I lay,

A lifelong of everything; the final say,

Go away, no more here abide,

Now let me rest; it is the evening tide.


By: Ann Marie McKenzie-Caples

Copyright © 2016


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A fascinating tradition it seem,

In truth, it originally represents something mean.

People dressed like witches and elves,

Bringing out the eerie sport in themselves.


Decked out in costumes and scary masks,

Re-enacting, a misconception of the past.

Haunted mansions and makeshift allies,

Set up to jolt you out of your follies.


Costumed clad kids from door to door,

With buckets of candies glutting more.

The famous cliché like a magic spell,

And if you don’t comply all is hell.


Was so back then, a witch’s wrath,

A serious jinx not to be caught.

Of witches and elves and spirits and goblins,

A story, a time of excess candies and pumpkins.


Halloween for many seemed so fine,

So feverishly celebrating the dead; it’s that time.

Oh Halloween, now what’s Halloween?

A misleading, contagious and commercially driven scheme.


By: Ann Marie McKenzie-Caples

Copyright © 2013




Headed to the parking lot one April evening,

My eyes caught something in the greyish orange white sky ceiling,

I saw this divine object of God’s floating clouds in their exit;

As they etched together; in a solemn image of the crucifix.


In awe, I whispered…what is the meaning of this I see?

In one split moment, this rare entity,

Collected and formed in soft white clouds like on an artist’s canvas.

Holy Angel of God in a frothy cloudy mass


A rare special moment that amazes me,

So I reach for my camera immediately,

For in another surreal moment,

This frothy mass blended its content,

Into space and filled out into the evening sky.

Greyish orange white background like on a canvas on high.



Happy first Anniversary,
To my darling one and only.
Seemed like just yesterday,
You came around my way.

And just look at us now,
We didn’t know the why, the what, the how,
But today marked our BIG FIRST,
And hope for many more, for better or worse.

But with this oneness that we found,
Is gonna keep us together and bound,
By our special love and feelings so real,
Happy first honey this is the big deal.

Introducing L.B. YOU’RE TOO HOT

This is the introduction of one of the most recent novels I’m working on. The story is a novel of 25 chapters with theme on crime and violence in Jamaica.

About The Novel: LB YOU’RE TOO HOT:

LB You’re Too Hot is an adult fiction novel from the mix-genres for Romance, Suspense and crime. The novel uncovers the high-end lifestyles of two prominent and ruthless Drug Kingpins out of the Island of Jamaica and their mission to stay on top. How their decisions affect the everyday people around them; how they manipulated and control the system— the politics, the police force, the army, the common gunman and the general middle, low-class and anyone who attracts their interest. We all have one thing in common and that’s the need to have MONEY.


Lennox Black wasn’t the usual seventeen year-old boy. In fact he was cunning, alert, both book-smart and street-smart, and the popular footballer from the outstanding Ardenne High School. Among his attributes; he was notoriously wealthy, cocky and ruthless. A seriously handsome face carried on by a dark, lean six-footed frame and was adored by his peers. He was a popular choice for the girls and had broken more hearts than he possibly could remember.

Everyone called him LB and well-known as the little brother of Speng. One of Kingston’s most influential Political Activist. Civil Engineer and leader of Speng Posse and Speng Group of Companies. The oldest and most elusive mafia companies on the island. LB was well-respected, as well as feared and was every girl’s dream love. But he wasn’t just looking for romance with a smart and beautiful girl. He was wild and his wanton desires yearned for much more than that. He had it all, yet he wanted something more than the ordinary; something unique. Perhaps someone who could stop him dead in his tracks, but someone out of the-world-stunning, and amazing inside and out. With reverberating effect that he must feel affections for the next day, and even the day after that, he thought, feeling bereft of an unusual yearning.

Then he ran into a total stranger. Someone from a different side of the track. Meeting Barbie created the jolt LB hadn’t expected and a fever he never felt before swept his entire being and reminded him of a-longed-for desire; that one peculiar yearning. Her perfection was striking and he saw everything he needed right there in front of him—A mind blowing real life doll; a model of a different make and taste. He was breathless to the point of nervousness, and he didn’t know who she was or where she was going. Having used to beautiful and rich girls throwing themselves helplessly at him. He thought everything was a finger snap away. But Barbie was the opposite of all his previous conquests. And there was nothing he could do to change that, or the way her image penetrated his being, his brain, mesmerizing and tormenting him.

But Barbie was the precious daughter of Speng’s longtime rival; Chrome, bandulu Lawyer, and leader of Black Chrome Operations which was the largest local mafia operation on the international market. They were known for drugs, guns, ammunitions, money laundering, robbery, murder and the list went on. The two companies had a longtime feud. Speng’s Group of Companies was operating unethically, and disregarding the radical code of the business. Dominating all the markets, devouring Black Chrome’s territories, money and clients with it, and that had to end.


She was known as Barbie, a short version for her name Barbra-Annette; a pert, sassy, smart-mouthed teenager, also sweet-natured, warm and completed with a spell bounding beauty. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York had cultivated a rare personality, melded with the genes of her notorious paternity. She lived on Long Island on a large spread of wild country property in a mansion fit for a king, but her friends were far from royalty and summed up to a mix of locals out of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Heartlands. She would go to Jamaica every so often, but wasn’t sure why she couldn’t live there as she would rather.

Hurray! Bless whatever had changed that? She stifled down an outburst of triumphant laughter. Her heart was racing with exhilaration of the news! She was going to the island, and preparing to start a new high school…un-fuck-ing-believable. Barbie was in a cloud of daze.

In the meantime there was a plot masterminded by her father Black Chrome, which was to deceive and defeat Speng at all cost. But Barbie had ulterior motives— to even out a long time score with LB that he had no recollection of. She had never met the dude, but a year ago, he had made a total fool of her elder half-sister, Sweets, who helplessly fell in love with him, only to find out afterwards that she was just the regular one nightstand. LB must pay for his sins, as well as that of his brother’s and those God forbidden companies they operated.

Barbie’s angelic face was mercilessly penetrated with thoughts about a dangerous deception, that overshadowed her stunning beauty. She inhaled the pleasant air-conditioned oxygen of American Airlines jumbo jet and couldn’t wait for the final fifteen minutes airborne, before touchdown. The jet’s engine hummed steadily, and for the first time she paid some attention to the comforts of first class. Finally everything seemed right. She had finally grown up and she decided that the universe wanted her to be here at this time. This was the greatest move she thought, although one part of her was clinging desperately to her old high school back in New York, and the other part breathe an anxiety, muddle up with excitement to see her father, her sister and the beautiful island again.
She was almost in a state of confusion. Three years seemed very long, but was the perfect space of time to eradicate out of that innocent little cocoon and transitioned into the matured, classy and smart sweet-sixteen, creating a lot of raised eye brows, and much rumpus and it gave her an extra edge— a particular sweet supremacy, she thought provocatively.

American Airlines touched down smoothly and trotted for a while before it jammed into a terminal. Barbie bright brown eyes shot across first class and began to scan briefly the handful of first class passengers preparing for exit. Among the small elite bunch were a group of dark suited old men, three men from India and two hostesses. She didn’t spot anyone in her own age group which would definitely give her something challenging to do. At the least, she could critique their fashion and perhaps suggest a few handy tips to herself. With nothing else to do, she fold her hands and sat staring blankly for a few minutes.

Then she saw him. Fuck, who the heck is that? The most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on. Luckily he’d sat some rows in front on the opposite side in the far corner; otherwise he would definitely hear her pounding scattered heartbeats. Good thing, she’d just noticed him too, for probably she would be compelled to lower her standard and stare. He was seriously attractive and her heart stopped blank as he strolled smoothly towards the cockpit door.

Please look at me dude! please! She crossed her fingers willing him to turn around. She was breathless and suddenly all her confusion about leaving New York and breaking away from her school, her BFF Missy and all her other friends was way behind her. She stared blankly at her future, as he coolly strolled farther away and not even noticing she was there. Fuck! She thought speechless.


Written By Ann Marie McKenzie